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The two-sided sword: Moubsen x WEEKDAY Stores

WEEKDAY asked me what it means for me to live offline. A while ago I was not able to pay my mobile bill. My provider blocked me from using my  internet connection and I was like: “fuck! I do not have internet anymore, what should I do?”. Normally I always have had the pressure to write my friends back and check out Instagram to stay up-to-date. But having the struggle to be always online with this kind of constant pressure is also a form of limitation.

Foto 01.01.19, 13 41 18Foto 01.01.19, 13 41 41

How often do you waste some of your lifespan, uselessly, browsing on your smartphone? How often are you just scrolling down on your Instagram timeline? Those are important questions that you should ask yourself but normally shut off completely. You will always try to shelter yourself by fleeing into a world of illusions. I do speak from experience, lol. For the short span of time when I did not have any access to the internet, for the first time in years, I really had a minimal sense of freedom. As a blogger you try to compare yourself to other big animals in the industry and just think: “Why can’t I get these jobs? I would do it in a way that would be a lot cooler.”

Foto 01.01.19, 13 42 07

That is how it usually goes, but the pressure of competition was gone when I was offline, and I could just sit back and read a book in peace without having to be on my phone. Nevertheless, I was able to live a part of my dream at the end of 2018. I received some requests from agency’s and I had the opportunity to do some cool things, towards the end of the year. I hope the everlasting fire of collaborations continues to burn. And so I would like to end this post with something that we people on this planet should take to heart. “The internet is our best friend but also our biggest enemy at the same time. Balance is essential.”

Foto 01.01.19, 13 42 12Foto 01.01.19, 13 42 13

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